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Bangor Business Awards 2023

Closing date for all entries 12 midnight, Wednesday 13th September 2023

Bangor business awards 2023

1). Hospitality & Tourism Business of the Year

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This award is open to all hospitality and tourism businesses that are committed to offering the highest levels of customer care to each and every customer and who can demonstrate excellence in their customer service. Entrants must be in the hospitality or tourism sector and this can include, pubs, bars, hotels, guest houses, restaurants, tour operators and coffee shops. Judged by online entry to questions and mystery shoppers.


Sponsored by: Tileworks

2). Bangor’s Best Takeaway

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Do you think your takeaway offers the best food, service and quality within Bangor? Entrants will need to explain and define their business background and how they determine to be the best within the area.

that prize guy

Sponsored by: That Prize Guy

3). Professional Business Services Company of the Year

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Open to those Bangor businesses who provide a professional business service specifically; accountants, solicitors, banks, designers, PR, communications, training advisers, child-care etc. Entrants will need to explain and define their business service and how it demonstrates excellence for its clients.

Sponsors Statement:

Foot Clinic NI is a local podiatry clinic that offers the latest evidence based practices and treatments. We have a firm belief in investing in continuing professional  development for all of our staff. As it is for all professions, keeping up to date with professional advancements enables us to offer the very best podiatry treatments available. As a result we are now one of only three podiatry practices on the island of Ireland to be able to offer medical diagnostic ultrasound and ultrasound guided injections of the lower limb, foot and ankle.

As we understand the day-to-day running of a professional service and the often unseen hours of development that goes on behind the scenes,   we are proud to sponsor Professional Business Services Company of the Year at this years Bangor Business Awards.

foot clinic ni

Sponsored by: Foot Clinic NI

4). Customer Service Excellence, Multiple Retailer

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A multiple retailer MUST have three or more stores across Northern Ireland with ONE being in Bangor. Our judges will be looking for evidence of excellent customer service standards that enhance the shopping experience. Multiple retailers must prove that they are focused on their customer’s individual needs through their product offering, customer service and store environment. Judged by online entry only.

Sponsor Statement:

Bloomfield is the dominate retail destination in Ards and North Down and as home to numerous local and national operators we know how service excellence delivers real business advantage.  No matter how big or small you are, excellent customer service is simply good for business.  Especially in these times of cost-of-living concerns it’s great to know this is an area that can provide great returns for little financial investment and the payback is that customers remember where they are treated well and will return.

Sponsored by: Bloomfield Trader’s Association

5). Emerging Business of the Year

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Open to all totally new businesses (not a rebranded business) that have been trading since 1st April 2019. Entrants will need to demonstrate what the business is, how it has developed its market and customer base and give an overview of future plans.

Sponsor Statement:

North Down Development Organisation was established in the Borough in 1984 to promote and encourage individuals to pursue the self-employment option and we are especially delighted to be sponsors of the Emerging Business Award. The Organisation provides a wide range of services, including managed workspace, to assist with all aspects of business start-up. Our training programmes offer a comprehensive package of advice, training and financial support all aimed at promoting the Borough as the ideal place for companies to establish their business.

The Board and Management of North Down Development are delighted to continue with the opportunity to support Bangor Chamber of Commerce and Holywood Chamber of Commerce in facilitating a vital business event which recognises and rewards the contribution made by new business.

Times may be challenging but new businesses are taking the plunge and we are delighted to be part of their support network as they flourish and grow. Good luck to all entrants.

Sponsored by: North Down Development Organisation

6). Family Business of the Year

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Open to Bangor based family businesses who have at least two generations working in the business. Entrants must have family members working in the business and must explain what the business is, the family roles and their plans for succession to ensure the continuation of the business.

Sponsor Statement:

As a family established business, we understand the importance of supporting owner managed businesses and building relations in the local community. A local firm established in 2000, Hamilton Morris Waugh provides Financial Accounting, Bookkeeping, Company Secretarial and Financial Advisory services. Over the past 22 years, our firm has gone from strength to strength, creating jobs in the local area and enabling us to expand the services we can provide for our clients. We work with a broad range of clients and industries, from start-up entrepreneurs to multi-generational family businesses.

Ards and north down borough council

Sponsored by: Ards and Down Borough Council

7). Best Business Development

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This award is open to small and large businesses that can demonstrate how they have achieved identifiable results and business development through such measures as, performance against targets; growth of repeat business or new business; job creation; adoption of new products or technologies.

Sponsor Statement:

Wilson Nesbitt solicitors are proud to have continuously supported the Bangor Business Awards every year since their inception. Continual development in people and information technology have always been at the heart of Wilson Nesbitt’s business development strategy. Partner Max Nesbitt commented “Successful business development is about continually innovating and driving improvement of our service standards and client experiences.” Max continued “What excites us most about the Awards is that they encourage competition, promote improvements in standards, provide opportunities for local businesses to showcase on the same stage as national chains and allow all participating to demonstrate their talent, agility and capability to compete with the best.”

Wilson Nesbitt

Sponsored by: Wilson Nesbitt

8). Employer of the Year

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This award is aimed at those unsung hero employers who provide a secure, nurturing, engaging, inspiring and supportive environment for their employees. A company that really goes the extra mile for their staff. We want to hear about that great place to work!

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9). Independent Retailer of the Year

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Aimed at independently owned retail stores in Bangor. Shoppers are increasingly looking for a unique and ‘special’ experience from an independent retailer who can demonstrate individuality, quality service, and innovative merchandising. Our judges will be looking for evidence of excellent customer service, as well as an understanding of their customer base. Judged by online entry only.

Sponsor Statement:

We are the leading provider of EPOS and Business Technologies in the UK & Ireland.

For over 15 years, Brisk Technology has held the position of a premier provider of EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) and Business Technologies across the United Kingdom and Ireland. With a solid presence in the market, we’ve been dedicated to offering exceptional solutions to both the hospitality and retail sectors. Our commitment to these industries has resulted in us establishing offices in key locations, including Belfast, Newcityards, and Derry/Londonderry.

Empowering Businesses with EPOS Solutions:
Our EPOS systems have been at the forefront of streamlining businesses and enhancing customer experiences. These market-leading systems offer a comprehensive and clear overview of business performance. They enable businesses to identify trends, manage inventory efficiently, and ultimately cater to the specific needs and desires of their customers.

Comprehensive IT Support:
At Brisk Technology, we don’t stop at EPOS solutions. We provide comprehensive IT support, ensuring that all IT-related equipment is not just supplied but also routinely maintained. Our services encompass everything from setting up and configuring broadband routers to addressing internet connectivity issues and establishing secure wireless networks. We also specialize in setting up and maintaining phone systems, IP cameras (CCTV), printers, PCs, laptops, servers, and virtualized environments. We even offer solutions for email, web design, and hosting.

Data Recovery Expertise:
Data is invaluable, and we understand that. That’s why we specialize in data recovery, offering a variety of methods to cater to different situations. For scenarios where data cannot leave your premises due to insurance or data protection policies, we provide on-site data recovery services. We have the capability to recover data from nearly any type of hard drive, even those that are seemingly beyond repair, such as clicking or beeping drives. Our “clean room” environment allows us to perform internal disk repairs, including head or platter exchanges, to bring even the most damaged disks back to life.

Innovative Web Design and Marketing:
Our in-house web designers are passionate about creating industry-leading websites and apps. But we don’t stop at design – we have a robust marketing strategy to propel your digital presence into the global spotlight. This strategy is supported by targeted campaigns, ensuring that your online offerings reach the right audience.

Seamless Integrations and Efficient Software:
At Brisk Technology, we are committed to providing innovative solutions that make integrations easier and software more efficient. We offer a complete digital package to engage your customers, making your business more competitive and adaptable in the ever-evolving landscape of technology and customer expectations.

In summary, Brisk Technology is not just a provider of EPOS solutions; it’s a comprehensive partner for businesses, offering a wide range of IT services, data recovery expertise, web design, marketing support, and innovative solutions to help businesses thrive in the digital age.

Sponsored by: Brisk Technology

10). Best Creative Initiative

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This award targets both companies and individuals within creative industries and roles, encompassing diverse fields like design, performing arts, marketing, film, media, writing, illustration, and more. Share your innovative ideas from this year and tell us about your creative journey.

Bangor chamber of commerce

Sponsored by: Bangor Chamber of Commerce

11). Employee of the Year

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Open to an individual who is not the owner or ‘boss’ but a team member who really gives their all for the business. A valued employee who you wouldn’t want to be without and who really works hard to grow, develop and nourish the business.

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12). Sustainable & Environmentally Friendly Business of The Year

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This award targets businesses showcasing eco-friendly practices throughout project development and implementation. In a world grappling with climate change, the Bangor Business Awards acknowledge organisations devoted to sustainable, ethical, and environmentally conscious initiatives. Share your business’s approach with us.

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13). Wellbeing in the Workplace

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In recent years, workplace well-being has gained remarkable importance, backed by evidence that it nurtures a happier, healthier, and more inclusive company culture. It enhances work-life balance and boosts employee morale and engagement. This recognition is for organisations nurturing a more positive workplace, and we’re eager to hear about your journey in making this happen

Sponsor Statement:

Eclectic is a luxury bespoke wellbeing studio located in the heart of Bangor, County Down.  We offer Pilates, Yoga, Aesthetic and Wellbeing treatments and we work with prestigious brands such as Aromatherapy Associates, Epionce and. Margaret Dabbs London.

We are delighted to be sponsoring the Wellbeing in the workplace category.  It is vital for all in the workplace to have and maintain a healthy work/life balance.  Employees will feel valued and happier in their roles.  Employers can support and nurture their staff through a variety of initiatives including mastering resilience, mental health initiatives and wellbeing workshops. Eclectic is passionate in promoting wellbeing and these type of initiatives are at the heart of everything we do.


Sponsored by: Eclectic

14). Commitment to the Bangor Community

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This award recognises and rewards a business or individual in Bangor, for their commitment and dedication to the city of Bangor. * A previous winner of this award cannot be nominated for a second time * The public are invited to nominate the business or an individual that have gone the extra mile for their community. The entrant will be asked to complete three questions in order for the nomination to be considered.

Bangor chamber of commerce

Sponsored by: Bangor Chamber of Commerce

15). Bangor's Company of the Year

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This award is open to any business within Bangor. Whatever your sector regardless of size or employee count, if you have a great business, tell us about it. When entering you will need to demonstrate your company’s ability to grow and how you plan to do so in the future. We are also looking to understand how your business has adapted, diversified and contributed to your community.

Sponsor Statement
J Hatty & Co is a family owned and run Insurance Brokerage with offices in Bangor and Portadown. Since we were established in 1974 we have never strayed from our core values – excellent service delivered to our clients with integrity and transparency. As founding members of the Provincewide Association of brokers, our market leverage allows us to obtain competitive insurance quotes without compromising on the quality of product. We are delighted to renew our longstanding sponsorship of the Bangor Business Awards and to encouraging many of the business striving to succeed in the current difficult environment.

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